A&R AND SONGWRITING (Level 4 Extended Diploma for Creative Practitioners & Non-Validated Course)

The A&R Songwriting course encompasses the two main elements to succeeding in the music industry; the creative performance side, and the business and development side. NHAM understands the needs of those students who wish to excel within the music industry, delivered by a structured and in-depth approach. That’s why we created the A&R and Songwriting course.

This shorter course is open to all – entrepreneurs, performers, artists, producers, songwriters, and future business executives. No matter what your background, you can succeed with the guidance of our experienced tutors.

Below we’ll take you through the core modules and what to expect in the A&R and Songwriting course, as well the skills you will gain and where you can progress to after completion.


Core Course Modules


Artist & Repertoire (A&R) and Production Techniques

This module will look at understanding what Artist & Repertoire is, who the key players are, and what it takes to fulfil this role successfully. Professionals in the A&R divisions of record labels are involved in ensuring that new up and coming artists are developing optimally, they also scout for new talent among emerging artists.
The main aspects of this fundamental responsibility will be examined in detail and its significance to the creative development of artists will be studied.

This part of the course will show you how to mix, master, prepare radio edits, PA edits, etc. This will be taught by specialists in this field.

Credit Value: 12 QCF Level: 4


The Art & Craft of Songwriting

Examining one of the key sectors of the industry – songwriting, this module will aim to give students insight and perspective on the nature of the creative process and to identify and explore ways in which this can be stimulated, amplified and enhanced in the creation of contemporary songs.
You will discover the techniques that many established songwriters implement, in order to create captivating melodies and lyrics. From core elements like key, harmony and rhythm, to the way in which we use words within song structures, our qualified tutors can give you an informative journey through the process.

Credit Value: 12 QCF Level: 4

Entrepreneurship & Music Business DIY

This module is primarily concerned with the critical evaluation of entrepreneurial business structures and finance in the creative industries. This part of the course is designed to provide students with a solid introduction to media economics, financial management and entrepreneurship in the creative industries.
This is a terrifically insightful look into the business side of music for those who may be well-versed in instrumental practice but may not know much about the music business itself. Our music business tutors are experienced in working with a range of notable figures within the music industry, so you’ll be learning from first-hand experience.

Credit Value: 24 QCF Level: 4


Marketing in the Music Industry

Marketing is a fundamental tool for developing talent as well as an essential business skill in any sector. Whether you’re managing the presence of a new up and coming band in the future or identifying new opportunities for the exposure of your own musical production, this part of the course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
The module will explore a variety of perspectives on marketing issues to prepare you for the challenges of exploiting, developing and marketing music-related products and services in domestic and international markets.

Credit Value: 16 QCF Level: 4


The Art of Communications

This module focuses on developing your communication skills that can help you in a variety of ways, from your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between.
The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill and something that should not be overlooked in the music industry. This is especially true when you consider roles such as representing a music client or giving a presentation on a new initiative within a music corporation.

Credit Value: 16 QCF Level: 4


The Live Industry:

The live industry is one of the biggest contributors towards the UK economy and of the fastest growing sectors within the music industry. This module aims to demonstrate how the live industry functions and what the fundamental roles are of key agents, promoters, tour managers, production managers, sound engineers etc and how important each of these roles are to an artist over the course of their careers.


Credit Value: 16 QCF Level: 4


Music Business in the Modern Day

The music business is constantly changing and evolving with the ushering in of the digital age, this means that new music professionals coming into the field need to know how things are carried out now and how they may be carried out in the future.
This module aims to provide the foundation for an appreciation of the general workings of the music industry and its institutions – on both national and international levels. Lessons will cover physical music retail and distribution, collection societies and trade bodies, music publishing, live music, and the various business services in the industry.

Credit Value: 24 QCF Level: 4


Main Skills Gained & Improved

Many people from all walks of life choose the A&R and song writing course because of the transferable skills they will gain from the experience. Here are just some of the main skillsets you can expect to improve during your time with us:

• Presentation and communication skills

• Action-Planning for achieving goals

• Effective decision-making in the music business

• Problem-solving for overcoming obstacles

• Time Management for completing important projects

• Commercial Awareness of the music industry

• Effective communication skills

• Language and writing affinity

• Information Technology within the music business

• Striving for Excellence in every action

• Motivation to perform well consistently

• Determination to succeed

• Assertiveness in getting what you need

• Creative Thinking for taking on challenges

• Awareness of your own skills and their applications


Your Next Steps

So where can you progress to next after completing our A&R and Songwriting course? The possibilities are endless.
Whether you want to move onto a more advanced music course or take a step into the business world, you will have the tools and skills you need to do well. Your specialised knowledge and developed transferable skills you have gained from the course will allow you to be able to perform at a higher level in whatever career path you choose to take.
Want to know more about the A&R Songwriting course? Give our friendly music education team a call at 020 7598 5226 or send us an email via our secure contact page.

The best of learning about anything is by doing

– Richard Branson

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