Jamie Lynch

“My educational experience changed the very moment I stepped foot in the academy. I have managed to devise marketing plans and become more cohesive and confident in how I present  myself – be it on stage performing or at formal industry meetings. It is because of my time at the academy that I can firmly state, I am the future of the music industry. “

Lloyd Murray

I really enjoyed giving a guest lecture at Notting Hill Academy Of Music, they all listened and had loads of questions which made it easy to interact back and forth. Ewan and his team made me feel welcome, and I think he is doing a great job at the academy. The academy is giving all the students a real chance at achieving their goals and I believe that every student I met can go on to fulfil their potential.

Tom Hollings

I believe that the current educational system in music is flawed with musical institutes attempting to teach courses over a 2/3 year period. With a rapidly changing landscape, this teaching model is not feasible or beneficial to students as a lot of the information consumed will be irrelevant and outdated by the end of 3 years. At Notting Hill Academy of Music, we really care about the students and have small class numbers, short courses, weekly guests from all segments of the industry and a placement within the industry for 4 weeks at the end of the course, giving the students an opportunity to get their foot in the door. I’ve Had the best term lecturing at the Academy and its been a pleasure working with the future of the music industry.

Daniel Owusu

I’ve learned so much in such a small space of time about the business side of the music industry. From copyrights to music publishing to the breakdown of a recording contract and more. We’ve had so many great and current figures within the industry come in as guest lectures and this has also given us as students the opportunity to network and build relationships with these people. Through the academy I have now set up my own company ‘The Noize Makers Group’ i run a music blog and manage 2 artists and I couldn’t have done this without getting the necessary information from the Academy! For anyone who is looking to learn music business this is the place to be!!!

After a year of being at the Academy, I am now embarking on my new journey as A&R Manager at BMG!

Glen Sonko

Attending @NHAmusic is the best decision I have ever made in my life…Anyone that wants a career in the music industry needs to attend NHAM. They support you and believe in your dreams and ambitions…no university degree in music can match what the Academy will teach you..FACT!