Student Alumni Testimonials

Kelly Allwood

For me the choice to attend the Notting Hill Academy of Music has been one of the best decisions I have made. Over the last year studying on the MBE course, I have learnt more about the music industry than I thought possible. I have enjoyed learning across a variety of modules, like marketing, songwriting and A&R from those who are directly involved in the industry. At NHAM they are passionate and determined to see you succeed. The atmosphere is a family and social environment and each day is always exciting. Having no direct experience in music just a strong passion and love for it, Ewan took a chance on me and I hope over the course I have made him proud. It definitely presents a great opportunity to learn about the industry and I feel has helped set me up for the world of work. On the course if you give 110% you will get 110% back. This course has allowed me to gain experience with a placement at Relentless, working with management companies, a social media agency and putting on my own live nights. I have also been employed at Sony Music and can not wait to start!

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to work in the music industry. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend and learn.


Lloyd Murray

I really enjoyed giving a guest lecture at Notting Hill Academy Of Music, they all listened and had loads of questions which made it easy to interact back and forth. Ewan and his team made me feel welcome, and I think he is doing a great job at the academy. The academy is giving all the students a real chance at achieving their goals and I believe that every student I met can go on to fulfil their potential.

Daniel Owusu

I’ve learned so much in such a small space of time about the business side of the music industry. From copyrights to music publishing to the breakdown of a recording contract and more. We’ve had so many great and current figures within the industry come in as guest lectures and this has also given us as students the opportunity to network and build relationships with these people. Through the academy I have now set up my own company ‘The Noize Makers Group’ i run a music blog and manage 2 artists and I couldn’t have done this without getting the necessary information from the Academy! For anyone who is looking to learn music business this is the place to be!!!

After a year of being at the Academy, I am now embarking on my new journey as A&R Manager at BMG!

Glen Sonko

Attending @NHAmusic is the best decision I have ever made in my life…Anyone that wants a career in the music industry needs to attend NHAM. They support you and believe in your dreams and ambitions…no university degree in music can match what the Academy will teach you..FACT!

Sarah Lozano
I am an artist and joined the academy after a controversial decision to pursue music, instead of career in the city. 
Throughout my time at the academy, I developed my knowledge of music business which has proven invaluable. Since leaving the academy, I have written an EP with an esteemed Latin American songwriter, am securing a publishing deal, a career in modelling and am touring South America in the run up to the release of my EP. I have also been lucky enough to attain work at Sony.
I believe that my current successes are somewhat attributed to the time I spent at the academy and would advise ambitious developing artists to complete a course.

Rob Ukaegbu

I found my time at the Notting Hill Academy of Music to be a very rewarding experience. I applied with the intention of filling gaps in my knowledge about the business side of the music industry and understand how the new technology like streaming have altered the dynamic of how we consume music and it’s effects the record labels and media and i definitely felt i received that knowledge.

I also wanted to be in a learning environment with genuine music people who have careers currently in the music industry. For this reason I think it is one of the most unique music business courses around as the lecturers are all apart of the music business in some form.

The teaching we received was thorough and informative and we were challenged in a positive way to broaden our thinking and explore our creativity to bring fresh ideas and apply them the current music landscape whether it be in digital marketing or A&R. 

 The guest lecturers included artists, managers, radio/streaming specialists and A&R’s all currently active individuals within the music industry which gave a unique insight into their journey, their experiences along the away and what it takes to remain relevant in what is a demanding industry.

 By the end of the course I felt very confident and well equipped to succeed in the music industry. 


Jack Lyons

My time at the academy has been life changing. Coming from a background of DJ’ing in electronic music and music start up companies I had always wanted to pursue a career within the music industry, I thought it was near impossible to get my foot in the door as I had little to no previous experience within the business side of the industry. 

The music business entrepreneur level 4 course was exactly what I needed to grow my knowledge of the music business and it surpassed my expectations on every level as I learnt so many valuable skills that are very transferable in todays work place. 

The weekly guest lectures are a great way to network and grow your contact base within the industry and every guest lecture has always been happy to help out every student in anyway possible that they can. For me, Nick Halkes guest lecture played a massive role in my progression within my career as he offered me an internship at his management company which has now led to me working part time and managing my own DJ act alongside him. 

Truly a massive blessing to be involved in something so positive for music creatives. 

Thank you to all of the Notting Hill Academy of Music family!


Clayton Osborne

I was greatfully accepted to join the A&R & Songwriting course at NHAM which I completed in September 2017 with a distinction. Great tutors, great subjects, great experience. 

I was given the opportunity after to intern as an A&R within Sony Relentless and that was amazing because working within a major is all I ever wanted to do.
I am now currently in search of full time work and with my qualification and intern experience, my chances of succeeding are a lot higher than before and I am confident that I will be in full time work soon enough.
BIG thanks to the guys at NHAM, Ewan Grant, Tom Hollings, Jessica Mcarten and Lucy Belgrave. I am greatful to say the least. I recommend the school to anyone serious about their future in the music industry.

Jamie Lynch

“My educational experience changed the very moment I stepped foot in the academy. I have managed to devise marketing plans and become more cohesive and confident in how I present  myself – be it on stage performing or at formal industry meetings. It is because of my time at the academy that I can firmly state, I am the future of the music industry. “