A&R and Songwriting

Two of the most important areas of the music industry. In depth.
Validated Level 4 Extended Diploma for Creative Practitioners (9 Months) and Non-Validated (6 Months) Courses (DAY AND EVENING COURSES FOR SEPTEMBER 2019 INTAKE AVAILABLE)


The roles of A&R and Songwriting are very different but are also linked very strongly. A songwriter may wish to understand A&R and an A&R to understand a songwriter as well as what is expected of them and vice versa. This module is designed to give the best of both worlds from the two very different perspectives. This business course is geared around the artist understanding what it takes to gain a foothold in the industry on their own terms or how to become more relevant to a record label if wanting to obtain a record deal.

Music Business Today

Music Business Today brings all students together to learn about multiple facets of the industry. It taps into who does what as roles in all the major areas are broken down and analysed. This module will cover the basics and will be an integral part of any students journey into the music industry as they seek to be a well rounded industry professional.

The Art of Communications

It is a well known fact that the industry is alot about who you know. What is the point of gaining all this knowledge if you do not know how to get yourself across? From email to networking and all facets in between, this deep dive into how we communicate with each other will teach you how to navigate the industry positively and, when you do connect with the right people, how to get them on your side and thinking of you when an opportunity arises.

Music Marketing

There is much in the way of myths and preconceptions when it comes to marketing and this part of the course will look to shed light on the techniques that are used by the professionals. It is no surprise that amazing artists and ideas go unnoticed as many of them suffer from a build it and they will come attitude, rather than finding their audience and marketing accordingly.


The role of an A&R person has changed dramatically over the years and this module will look to examine all of the key areas that make an effective industry professional in this competitive and exciting sector. An A&R person’s role is to understand almost all other roles and glue them together in order for the signee to have the best chance of success.

The Art and Craft of Songwriting

This module will take a deep look into song construction itself. Many writers can come up with decent melodies but how do you make them better? Is the song even the right tempo or key? These and other important areas will be explored fully. What do you do if you get writer’s block and what type of writer are you? In depth analysis of the creative process and all it’s issues will be examined in detail to ensure you always have something to work on, even if you think you don’t.

Entrepreneurship and DIY 24 Credits

Time waits for no person and getting out there with a good idea is not enough. Discover how to bring your own business ideas to fruition and develop them into something that others will want to get involved with. DIY is an attitude and in the current climate, a necessity and, this module will help shape you into a person that is as self sufficient as possible.

The Live Industry

Currently one of most profitable areas of the industry, the module will look at what and who is involved in touring and putting on shows. Festivals as well as merchandise, rights that are due and how they are collected, so that everyone involved can maximise their income, will all be covered in depth.

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