Future Music Industry

Someone said the future is now. Learn how the music industry and you, can prepare. Creative Practitioner Level 4 Validated (9 Months) and Non-Validated (6 Months) Courses


The main sectors of the industry make business decisions and investments based on how the industry could be in a year’s time and even further. Predicting the music landscape of the future is very difficult but with analysis and diligence that monitors this, it is possible to make realistic and meaningful decisions. Future Music Industry will bring this integral area to students wishing to explore this huge gap in the industry.

Music Business Today

Music Business Today brings all students together to learn about multiple facets of the industry. It taps into who does what as roles in all the major areas are broken down and analysed. This module will cover the basics and will be an integral part of any students journey into the music industry as they seek to be a well rounded industry professional.

Disruptors, DIY and Entrepreneurs

This module is concerned with the critical evaluation of entrepreneurial business structures and finance in the creative industries. Students will learn about the importance of navigating business systems that can help to optimize the efficiency of operations, as well as learning the necessary tools to complete this.

Copyright in the Digital Age

Intellectual Property (IP) and copyright are central to the music industry, where successful management of a firm’s IP and copyrights can provide a powerful competitive advantage. You will gain a clear understanding of the various dimensions of IP and copyright, and the tools and strategies to identify, protect and manage them.

Music Psychology

In an ever-changing environment, understanding why consumers think, perceive and behave in the way that they do can offer performers, copyright holders, businesses and brands with a competitive edge. This module also explores how the psychology of music and the consumer can specifically influence development within the creative industries today, providing an extensive understanding of the behaviours, motivations and regular manipulation of music creators, disseminators and consumers, alike.

Communicating in the Connected World

It is a well known fact that the industry is alot about who you know. What is the point of gaining all this knowledge if you do not know how to get yourself across? From email to networking and all facets in between, this deep dive into how we talk to each other will teach you how to navigate the industry positively and, when you do connect with the right people, how to get them on your side and thinking of you when an opportunity arises.

Live Music and Event Management

The live music sector is becoming an increasingly lucrative sector of the industry, showing increasing growth in the last few years. This module will examine the key stakeholders involved in the live industry and what each role means to the wider context of the industry.

Cross Sector A&R

There are many types of A&R that exist beyond the role that is commonly associated with a record label. Content for this module will focus on the different sectors that also use this role and the methods they employ and, what they are looking for in an industry professional.

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