The Notting Hill Academy of Music is proud to offer a number of useful music courses in London that will show students where all the real revenue streams are right now and how our students can become an asset to employers in the music industry. As part of our modules on both courses, we offer a vocational element which is vital in learning the sometimes complex aspects of actual employment in the music business.

Expert lecturers who are in the business today will use their experience to deliver practical exercises as well as up-to-date information and insight to students. It is important when offering music courses in London that students are learning the processes involved in this ever-evolving field in the context of the modern day and future aspects of the music industry. Our experienced lecturers make this their focus when facilitating the learning of both present and future students.

Potential music course students should demonstrate:

• Passion, honesty, integrity, commitment and a strong work ethic.
• Knowledge of the music business but also with a willingness to learn further.
• An understanding of the current situation of the entertainment industry and technology.

The music industry is changing faster than ever—and expanding worldwide. You will learn how to meet the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of the global entertainment industry.


Music Courses in London for Future Music Industry Leaders

The Notting Hill Academy of Music is determined to offer one of the only music courses in London which genuinely prepares students for the type of work they may be carrying out after attaining their qualification. Where alternative or less thorough music courses may focus entirely on theory and classroom learning, the Notting Hill Academy of Music ensures that all students get a real taste of what performing in the music business is like.

From creatively-focused aspects like Artist and Repertoire Songwriting to the complex challenges involved in being an entrepreneur within the industry; the Notting Hill Academy of Music endeavours to offer student’s an all-rounded chance to develop their skills and knowledge. From our long-ranging experience in working for, and with, producers, organisers, and executives within the music industry, we understand better than most organisations what employers are really looking for in new talent.


A Long-Lasting Blend of Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

Music courses in London which focus only on one side of development – theoretical or practical – tend to produce students who do not have a wide enough array of knowledge to draw upon when they enter a career. The Notting Hill Academy of Music identified this trend early on and has since worked to produce music courses which give students a critical blend of both sides of expertise.

Our lecturers, some of whom have been active in the music business for decades, understand the importance of learning and developing new skills and then actually putting them to use in real-world scenarios. With that in mind, the vocational aspects of our courses are very much emphasised. Not only will you learn music industry best practice at NHAM, you will also put it into action under experienced supervision.


Choose a Music Course to Prepare for a Career

There are a plethora of music courses out there to choose from – but only some of these courses genuinely prepare you for a successful career within the modern music industry. Avoid the mistake of investing your time in a course that ignores important and vital aspects of a modern music career; choose a reputable music course at the Notting Hill Academy of Music instead.

Ensure you take the time to carefully analyse the modules and skills taught on all course pages to guarantee that you will develop the knowledge and practical skills to advance in your chosen career path.

You can find even more in-depth information about the music courses we offer below. Please contact The Notting Hill Academy of Music via the secure online form on our Contact page or give our office a call at 020 7598 5226.

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