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The Notting Hill Academy of Music was pleased to welcome Marco Santesso and Oscar Simon Chu Ortega from Gigride for a guest lecture to demonstrate their pitch to investors on Wednesday, 30 January 2018.

The students sat intensely listening to the investor presentation introducing the Gigride platform. Gigride’s story starts with the inspiration behind its creation:

“Marco has played live music for 10 years, after booking a few dates for his Italian band in the Netherlands using Myspace, he’s been dreaming of a platform to allow musicians to book gigs easily, anywhere. Now based in London with its vibrant music and high tech scene he feels able to realise his vision”

Gigride boasts the ease with which one can book a large range of artists through their high tech solution. Gigride is targeted for musicians, DJs, music venues and promoters. The platform allows for venues to save time in their booking arrangements and offers an ease of communication as opposed to the other mediums used before it.

Live music in the UK has seen steady growth in recent years (verified by UK Music’s Wish You Were Here reports), which offers an opportunity for those in the live industry. Gigride’s market penetration strategy was explained to students, along with their expansion plans. The competitors were analysed and the students gained insight on how a pitch of this sort would be delivered.

This is another guest lecture organized to give students the opportunity to learn about various areas in the music industry and to discuss with professionals their own ideas.

To learn more about Gigride:

We would like to give a big thank you to Marco and Oscar!

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