Kid Massive on Passion and Motivation


Yesterday we had a visit from DJ Kid Massive, also known as Benjamin Pedersen, who gave a very inspiring and humbling lecture on passion and motivation.

A theme that seemed to hammer through was the idea of luck and whether luck really exists?

He suggested suggested that there are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who work hard, work smart, try lots of things, put themselves in lots of situations and seize an opportunity. And then there are people with bad luck. You could call the first group lucky, but thats not really the case. There are all kinds of people that worked their way to the top starting with a very ugly hand, and they did it because they didn’t believe that being born a certain way could stop them from becoming who they wanted to be.

They tried lots of things. They tested lots of ideas until something eventually worked. No one saw all the failures that lead up to success, so they’re labeled one of the “lucky ones.” But they know better.

They quit the right things. They learned to tell when they should give up and when they should keep plugging away. When something finally worked, they didn’t hesitate to let everything else go in order to pursue it.

They acted on every opportunity. They built big networks of amazing people and when an opportunity came their way, they said “yes.” It didn’t always work out, but it always came closer than if they’d said “no.”

Most importantly, they believed that they were the ones in charge of their destiny, so they took it upon themselves to get what they wanted. Luck really wasn’t a factor.

In terms of being an artist, Kid Massive proposed that those who are successful are the ones who establish what they stand for, what they represent and who they are. And these foundations will shine through in your work.

Its one thing being passionate about what you do but its another thing being confident enough to be passionate. Being able to disassociate emotion from others will help you achieve confidence in your own decisions. Although words and comments are easily able to affect us, its crucial to remember that the haters are the minority, and when you allow yourself to get upset, you give them the power. This can be mentally draining. Spend more time on your craft and not worrying about what other people think.

You must also remember that you mind, like your body, is a battery and you need to recharge it. Listen to you body!

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