Music Label Mogul launches Notting Hill Academy of Music


Shabs Jobanputra is the MD of Relentless Records and launched KT Tunstall. His was also the first label to break Joss Stone.

He is involved with Outcaste Music Publishing, Media Village PR, Notting Hill Arts Club, Notting Hill Academy of Music. He is a rare Asian at a senior level in mainstream music. He said,

“I was DJ-ing for many years. In 1992, I got my first break in the business when I was a junior manager to Rebel MC and Shut Up And Dance Records – PJ and Smiley’s pioneering London breakbeat label. My background is PR and promotion. Over the years I’ve worked on many big campaigns including Jamiroquai and The Fugees. In terms of making records, the big thing early on was when we had our own record label called Outcaste Records, which was formed in 1995. It was a home for British Asian music. I learned about making records cheaply and promoting them on a budget.

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