‘True immersion is really important’: Steven Hancock talks the Melody VR revolution at the Music Week Tech Summit


  “We’ve found something that’s completely new, different, exciting, and gives the artist that expressive platform to be able to create something that they couldn’t in the real world, ultimately,” Hancock told hundreds of attendees at The O2.

“Once people know what the proposition is and once VR’s grown, the natural step is into some form of subscription model. It makes complete sense for everyone, but it’s just a little bit too early. It’s nice to get some data over the next six to nine months, see what our average user’s spending and pick a point that actually resonates and will work in the space.”

He said that attempts to take VR mainstream had failed in previous decades because the necessary technology was yet to have been developed.

Melody VR unveiled its concerts app in May, which allows fans to watch immersive performances  of sold out shows. Concerts by The Who, Rag’N’Bone man, Niall Horan and Post Malone are among this currently available, with fresh performances rolled out weekly.

Later this year, MelodyVR will pilot love streaming real-time concerts, offering virtual tickets to sold out shows.

“It gives artists a platform that doesn’t exist in the real world and never existed before us and it’s completely incremental revenue, so we’re not cannibalising live and we’re not cannibalising streaming.”

He goes onto talk about how his focus is getting people to experience the immersion. He said that VR currently is fairly insular and they want to try and push the boundaries which is why they have built a full social interaction into the platform which should be showcased in a dew months time hat means you can go with your My Melody friends to a gig together – virtually – with either a photo realistic avatar or an avatar of whoever you want to be and you can be standing on The O2 stage together, voiceover IP, chatting, waving.

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