A Different Type of Music Education

We don’t offer the standard outdated 2-3 year courses as the music industry changes far quicker than that. We offer the opportunity to learn from people at the frontline of the music industry over just 9 months to enable you to launch your career into music within the year. Our courses include practical elements such as one-on-ones with industry guests and access to real A&R meetings.

Our team has been involved in the music industry and music education over the past decade. Our academy offers what others don’t; to educate, motivate and inspire our students through a unique provision of quality content, knowledge and contextualised learning through unrivaled access to industry placements that are integrated into the assessed programmes.

We are here to disrupt and to prepare you to do the same.

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The Notting Hill Academy of Music is proud to offer a number of useful music courses in London that will show students where all the real revenue streams are right now and how our students can become an asset to employers in the music industry.

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