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"I am very excited to announce my Raw Power Scholarship with the Notting Hill Academy of Music. I have always supported and worked with up and coming talent in the UK, and this scholarship offers a great opportunity for one very lucky winner."

Craig Jennings (Raw Power Management)

"We are very excited to announce the Relentless Records Scholarship with the Notting Hill Academy of Music. The Relentless ethos is routed in supporting and coming talent, both artists and executives so the scholarship is a natural extension of that. We look forward to helping the next wave of music industry entrepreneurs on their journey into the industry.”

Ben Coates (Relentless Records)


The Notting Hill Academy of Music (NHAM) offers cutting edge music industry-focused and connected, 9-month fully funded courses for Songwriters, Beatmakers, Digital Marketers and Music Business entrepreneurs.

NHAM is directly linked to Relentless Records, it’s part of the SONY group, meaning that all NHAM students are given access to: label meetings, A&R meetings, work experience sessions, one to one industry mentoring, professional training in CV creation and interview skills, guests from industry, A&R reps, listening panels, record labels, launch events, performance opportunities and industry work opportunities.

NHAM was founded in August 2015 and its alumni have gone on to run record labels, become booking agents, A&R reps, artist managers, publishers, copyright, streaming services press agents as well as becoming internationally established artists.

We offer the opportunity to learn from professionals at the frontline of the music industry and in less than 12 months, we will enable you to launch your career. All courses are face to face and are taught at Sony and out of the Notting Hill Arts Club, an active and renowned central London venue.

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The Notting Hill Academy of Music works with partners Rose Bruford College and is proud to offer unrivalled, cutting edge courses. Click here to find out more about our courses.’ Click here to find out more about our courses.

Nottinghill Academy of Music Experience Days

Experience Days

Join us at Sony Music for an exclusive glimpse into life at NHAM. Our Experience Days offer a casual and friendly atmosphere where you can discover all there is to know about our courses, take part in an A&R session with Relentless Records and get a tour of the Sony Music Building. Don't miss out—click the link below to secure your spot.

Nottinghill Academy of Music Student Life

Student Life

Being a part of our community transcends the typical student experience. It's a lifestyle—a vibrant immersion in the world of music where artistic and professional growth are nurtured. Situated in the heart of Central London, we provide an array of events, workshops, and hands-on work experiences aimed at helping you to deep dive into the industry




Label Assistant and Marketing, Relentless Records

"The people who are teaching you are so relevant to the industry right now."


A&R Relentless Records

"Studying with NHAM allowed me to learn the importance of building relationships and being persistent in order to break into the music industry."


A&R Consultant RCA Records

"For anyone who is looking to learn music business, this is the place to be."


Artist, Black Butter Records

"Going to the Notting Hill Academy really helped me further my career as an artist, by learning the ins and outs of the business, taught by professionals in the industry who I have continued to learn from. As well as having the opportunity to network with other great artists, producers, A&Rs etc."


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