Our Aim, Vision and Purpose


To create an Academy for the future creative pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders of the music industry with the aim to: educate, elevate, inspire, create, disrupt and develop. We educate, motivate and inspire our students through a unique provision of quality content, knowledge and contextualised learning through unrivalled access to the industry.


The music industry is constantly evolving and reactive. We recognised that current music education doesn’t reflect or serve the needs of the ever-changing music industry. Our courses have been specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs of the music industry, meaning that at the Academy, we offer what other providers don’t. Our courses have been designed by the senior management team, who have been involved in both the music industry and music education for over twenty years.

During your course, your tutors will provide flexibility and adaptability tailored to your individual needs. Offering professional advice, mentoring and industry connections. Our tutors are also constantly monitoring new industry ‘game changers’ that will change the shape and future of the industry, and will bring this information and insight to you in the classroom.

Our students are the most important people we work with, whether you’re an artist, songwriter, producer, or want to own a label or a management company, we are here to help and guide you to realise your career goals.


Our courses are vocational, showing you where the current revenue streams are and how you can become an asset to employers and the music industry.

Our expert lecturers – who are all currently active in the music business – will use their experience to deliver up to date information and insight.

We aim to offer insight and connections to music publishing, artist management, the live industry, digital companies, collection societies, trade bodies, new entrants and many others.

We will help you to explore advanced concepts and models in the global music industry.


Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills to existing entertainment and music business environments.

Lead and influence the direction of the profession as visionaries, executives and entrepreneurs.

Gain a thorough understanding of the elements of a successful enterprise and business in the creative industries.

Bring your passion, integrity, commitment and a strong work ethic to the Academy. A basic knowledge of the music business is a must ,but you must also demonstrate a willingness to learn, an ability to research and analyse throughout your studies and an understanding of the entertainment industry.

You will learn how to meet the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of the global entertainment industry. From crowdsourcing to music streaming, the way of doing business in the music industry is being revolutionized. Our programmes are both educational and vocational. If you have a vested interest in both music and business, and want to gain a competitive edge in the industry, the Academy is the place for you. Our courses are inclusive and intensive and deliver a robust view of how the industry can work for you. We keep class sizes small to enable high levels of learning, feedback and one to one interaction.

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